Can I sponsor a child?

Once Umoja Orphanage Kenya has built their first children’s home you will be able to begin sponsoring a child–hopefully at the end of 2013. As we are still in the building stages of the orphanage project there are currently no children in our care; however, the first

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Where do my donations go?

Currently, Umoja Orphanage Kenya is fundraising for the Raise the Roof Appeal. The funds raised for this appeal will be used to purchase materials for buildings and infrastructure for the first stage of development. Stage 1 will see 12 children taken into care and employment for 11

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Why Kenya?

The Umoja team is frequently asked why we choose to help children in Kenya and not in Australia. We feel that Australia shares a collective responsibility in assisting the developing world Umoja advocates for social justice in its many forms and acknowledge the many worthy children’s charities

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Monday 11th March to Thursday 15th March 2012 Woke up at about 1:30 – 2:45 this morning with a feeling of utter dread in my stomach, was like I had a ton of rocks in there. Began to think what was the problem, didn’t have dinner, then

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Thursday 8th March 2012 Left at 7am with our driver turning up early and Lesley still being in the shower. It was another hairy drive back to Mombasa where the traffic on Nyali Bridge was bumper to bumper in 5-6 lanes on a 2 lane road, together

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Wonderful, wonderful time at Goodlife Orphanage

Monday 5th March 2012 Not to be – this is Kenya. Lawyer called again for us to come in and sign more papers, and to pay for registration etc. of NGO. Good idea as he wanted everything in place to begin registration tomorrow in Nairobi and of

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29th February – 3rd March 2012 Wesley my son’s birthday today, and I’m not there… Can’t believe he is 32!! Today Lesley and I just tried to sort out the stuff we’d bought along the way to try and make sense of what we’d actually bought and

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28th February 2012 Onto the drive along the Tanzanian/Kenyan border after breakfast to our lodge right on the border. We drove through no-man’s land and Mt Kiliminjaro stood proud for us to view it all along the way until we lost sight of it, not far from

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Lesley’s special birthday – Amboseli

All the way back to Nairobi, thank goodness it was a Sunday so not as “much” traffic as the day previously. Long drive to Amboselli but loved every minute of it stopping to buy things along the way when we saw a good roadside stall. Ate hot

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Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha -Teaming with wildlife

February 24th 2012 The road to Nairobi was much better than the roads around Ukunda/Diani, but a long way from roads in Australia… It seemed to take forever to get to Nairobi, and then the horrendous traffic there and the heat was awful. We finally stopped way

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