There are many ways to support Umoja Orphanage Kenya, but the simplest and most effective is through a company donation. We are always eager for companies to support us in this traditional way, as it means we are able to fund work where the need is the greatest.

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Supporting Umoja Orphanage Kenya is an excellent way to help achieve corporate social responsibility (CSR). Having a strong CSR program can help realise publicity and marketing objectives, while involvement in charitable activities provides a great opportunity to motivate staff and increase morale.

Our corporate partners have one objective in common: to support Umoja Orphanage Kenya Project work towards our vision of a children’s village, where every orphaned child we save will have their basic human rights reclaimed.

Also encourage your staff to:

1.  Donate through a workplace payroll giving scheme within Australia

 Workplace giving campaigns and other employee fundraising activities are great opportunities to motivate staff and increase morale, satisfaction and retention.

Employees can become advocates for our work after undertaking fundraising activities and learning about the effectiveness of Umoja Orphanage Kenya approach.

Companies with multiple offices can establish a regional/national/international campaign that is undertaken locally at each facility. The campaign can be run as a competition, with the office raising the largest contribution winning a special company prize, like a catered lunch for the staff, along with company-wide recognition. As an added incentive, the company can offer to match—on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis—all employee contributions during the campaign.

Workplace giving is a way to donate regularly to Umoja Orphanage Project through automatic deductions from your salary. Your employer must establish a workplace giving scheme and will make deductions of your nominated amount from your payroll. This donation will be sent to Umoja Orphanage Kenya and you will receive a summary of payment at the end of the year. Both you and your employer must choose to participate in the scheme. The ATO has developed a guide to workplace giving which can be accessed from

2.  Workplace Employees Direct Debits

 Convince all employees you work with to donate $5 plus a week in a Direct Debit set up at the bank of their choice.  It can be as little as $2 or as much as they desire per pay.  Many donors are finding this an easy and ongoing way to support Umoja Orphanage Kenya.

These two ways have the advantages of removal of the donation before you access your pay, meaning you are less likely to miss the money. It’s easy, with no time or effort required after the initial setup, which enables tax benefits to be gained at the time of the donation.

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