Our Sustainability Farm

We began the foundations of our sustainability farm back in 2014.  Since then we have come a long way.

April 2014: Permaculture Design Course for local community and staff, crop gardens began. Cow shed built by volunteers whilst training locals, and  2 water tanks donated.

May 2014: Greenhouse purchased and crops planted inside, and purchase of 2 dairy cows.

August 2014: Birth of first calf, 4 dairy goats purchased, extension to cowshed for goat shelter.  Milk being sold in coming weeks.

January 2015: Second Permaculture design course for staff and local community, further crop planting, harvesting and selling, further water tanks donated.  Volunteers helping with farm.

May 2015: Borehole commenced and completed.

September 2015: New crop fields ploughed, more crops planted,  harvested and sold, irrigation of crops began.

March 2015: Connection of electricity to project. Further sectioning with fencing of agricultural areas on the project with our trained fencers.

June 2015: Another crop harvest ready and sold.

September 2015:  Chicken shed construction begins. Internal electric fence completed. Irrigation of most crops completed.

November 2015: Begin construction of 4 level water tower. Continuation of crop planting, harvesting and selling each month. Purchase of another water tank.

December 2015: Chicken shed nearing completion.

July 2016: Goats have increased due to breeding since initial purchase. Food from initial acre of crops feeding our first children in the children’s home.

August 2016: Sustainability Farm Manager hired.  Total farm staff to 4 people.

September 2016: 2 sheep donated by local Kenyan man. Purchase of 400 laying chickens.

October 2016: Farm expansion to another 2.5 acres for crops.  Irrigation piping purchased. Crops planted on whole 2.5 acres.

November 2016:  Shade net purchased for sections of farm. Further irrigation piping purchased and laid.

December 2016: Laying chickens begin laying eggs ready to sell at market.  Excess crops continually sold at market.

January 2017: Birth of 2 more cows












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