Umoja Orphanage Kenya aims to help children and communities break the cycle of poverty.

Umoja Orphanage Kenya assists:

  • Orphaned and vulnerable children aged 0 – 16
  • Local widowed mothers—employed as house mothers and house aunties
  • Holding free health clinics – both medical first aid and hygiene clinics
  • Local tradesmen—through the building of the project buildings and ongoing maintenance
  • Local businesses—through purchase of materials, livestock and supply of goods from agricultural gardens on site
  • Disabled local village people—to help teach skills of the Kenyan culture
  • Local villagers—in vocational training and employment
  • Local taxi drivers—transporting volunteers to our project and from airport
  • Local storekeepers—to provide initial food
  • Training community volunteers in practical support, material support, emotional support, educational support, recreational support, legal support, cultural  & religious support, guidance on water and sanitation & health promotion
  • Community sharing—through sporting fixtures, social events, and donations in kind to the local community

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Member of Rotary

Umoja Orphanage Kenya is a Project of the Sunrise Rotary Club Bundaberg 
RAWCS Project Number 51/2011-12
Umoja's founder Cathy is a member of Fitzroy Rotary Club District 9570

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