When will things happen?

Umoja Children’s Village-Ukunda is being built over several stages. Firstly our infrastructure began. The speed of these stages depends on funding, sponsorship, and donations. Please note, these stages at present are not set in concrete, as they will be tweaked according to funding and needs.


  • Fence the land
  • Purchase of van/bus
  • Connect utilities
  • Construct a well
  • Install water tanks
  • Purchase of greenhouse
  • Begin planting our crops for our agricultural part of our project to move towards self-sustainability


  • Small caretaker’s cottage including shower, toilet and storeroom
  • First children’s home – for up to 12 children depending on ages, which also includes the homing of a house mother and a house aunty to care for the children.
  • An internal 6 foot block compound for up to 3 children’s homes
  • Administration/storage building
  • Staff accommodation – 2 bedsitters
  • Playground for the children
  • Chicken shed
  • Cow and goat shed



  • Children’s playground
  • Administration office
  • Second children’s home
  • Further staff accommodation – 2 bedsitters
  • Store for animal feed
  • Small primary school
  • Health clinic


  • Third children’s house
  • Sporting field for home and community
  • Transition house
  • More volunteer accommodation
  • Sponsorship accommodation
  • Vocational training buildings—tailors, carpenter’s, handicrafts etc.

When will we see a difference in children’s lives?

Change will be effective immediately as children are welcomed into Umoja’s care.

The real, long-term difference will occur over a number of years, when we see the fruitful outcomes of education, love, care, and the children’s sense of belonging.

The children will be raised respecting and adhering to their own culture and beliefs, while exposing them to the cultures of the outside world through their education as well as volunteers and sponsorship parents visiting. This can only enrich each and every child that comes into our care as we focus on the ‘whole child’s development’ into adulthood.

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Umoja Orphanage Kenya is a Project of the Sunrise Rotary Club Bundaberg 
RAWCS Project Number 51/2011-12
Umoja's founder Cathy is a member of Fitzroy Rotary Club District 9570

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