Our vision is for two countries to work together to create a self-sustainable children’s village that will help children and communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Alone our success is limited, but together we can achieve so much. We can reach a greater height of success through the spirit of togetherness.
 Harambee is the Kenyan tradition of community self-help, and literally means all pull together. Keeping with this tradition, we will work together to help those in need.

Together we can

  • give hope to vulnerable children
  • make positive changes and save lives
  • and empower and educate disadvantaged people in the community.

Our vision for Umoja is more than just helping children. We are  providing employment for locals as well as education and training on farming and food production. By empowering the local community we can give disadvantaged locals the opportunity to learn life-saving skills that will enable them to provide for their families in the future.

Thank you for taking to time to be part of our shared vision. Together we will achieve the extraordinary.



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Member of Rotary

Umoja Orphanage Kenya is a Project of the Sunrise Rotary Club Bundaberg 
RAWCS Project Number 51/2011-12
Umoja's founder Cathy is a member of Fitzroy Rotary Club District 9570

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